There’s a difference between yearning and being empty.

Good day to you all.

Today I’m going to be talking about a topic that deals with faith. Yearning and emptiness.

There are times as a christian that I have felt empty (in fact a lot of times). This usually happens especially after church.

I was speaking with someone recently and I was like almost every church I’ve attended doesn’t change the way I feel empty as a christian. Then she was like we can’t be completely full, we have to keep yearning. Then it dawned on me that there’s a difference between yearning and emptiness. We don’t have to feel empty, we have to keep yearning.

Both emptiness and yearning invite hunger. But emptiness invites hunger for anything, just to have the space filled, while yearning invites a particular hunger, more like you are craving a particular thing.

Right now in Nigeria we have very very very very very few churches that help in Yearning for the spirit of God and this has caused God to turn away from such churches leaving the members to continue to pray in vain. and members are not even investing in spending time with God. They are just solely investing time and money in the church ( some of which have now turned to motivational speaking centers).

God doesn’t speak through a lot of Nigerian Churches anymore, we just have preachers deceiving themselves that they are standing on the altar of God and they keep giving false prophesies yet they can’t even identify the voice of God. Now in churches there is so much emphasis on worldly things, no more emphasis on prayer, no more emphasis on deliverance, some people who claim to be men of God even practice speaking in tongues before they get to church. Now that is the mentality that has been taken to the university, where all these young people are doing what is not right and keep misleading the people of God. The church you attend may be what leads you to hell because they are not be speaking the truth there. Move out before it’s too late.


2 thoughts on “There’s a difference between yearning and being empty.

  1. Queen Karen says:

    Great post. I definitely agree that there’s a difference between yearning and being empty. It’s like a baby being fed in the morning. He’s not empty. He’s yearning for more breast milk. I think another issue is that a lot of Christians aren’t doing their part. Going to church is one thing but what are you doing outside of church. What is your relationship with God? If we don’t open our Bibles and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us, we can be like every other Christian who just goes to church. Many believers expect the pastor to minister Genesis to Revelation in one church setting. If one has a personal relationship with God outside of church, they can ask Him to lead them towards the right church. God doesn’t lead His sheep astray but we have to stay close to Shepherd 🙏🏿😊


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