I was just thinking about internal and external clutter. It is said that internal clutter can influence having external clutter.

I watched a video on YouTube (channel name: Janell Kristina) she explained what fantasy self is about.

A fantasy self is someone you imagine yourself to be, but isn’t the the real you.

For example; my fantasy self is one girl with high class fashion sense, very prim and proper, confident and sweeps boys off their feet with her intelligence 😂 😂.

I know right. I can’t even continue to describe her ‘cos we won’t leave this place.

Having a fantasy self can make you acquire things you do not need. A lot of unnecessary stuff. My fantasy self has made me to get clothes that I don’t need and regret buying. And clothes that I have tried to make but never become successful is due to my fantasy self.

So to declutter my wardrobe I have had to let go of my fantasy self. I have had to tell myself that my fantasy self isn’t real and now with learning more and a life change I don’t want my fantasy self to be real.

Comment below who your fantasy self is.