October Intentions and Aspirations

Happy Independence day to every Nigerian out there (Including me). Cheers to 58 years of independence.

I just want to talk about my October intentions; some things I wish to achieve before the month runs out.

1.Beginning Minimalism: I want to intentionally start my minimalism journey in October, and of course I will be giving feedback on the blog.

I’m choosing minimalism to cut myself from excesses of life and unnecessary wants. I want to pull myself away from thinking I cannot achieve a lot without materialism.

2. Focusing on creativity: I want to put my mind into more creativity. Something to increase my knowledge and sense of familiarity some aspects of creativity.I have already started with flatlays, I want to be more creative on the blog and also with my narratives and description (in writing). I want to be better at narrating events and describing places.

3. Less of social media: I have a FOMO(fear of missing out) syndrome, especially on instagram. So; I will be cutting the time I spend on social media and look for more productive things to do.

4. Water: yes; water. I noticed that I was not drinking up to a bottle of water a day. And I want to change that. Hence a bottle of water a day challenge.

Happy new month to you all. Thanks for reading.