Is it just me or sometimes starting a blog post can seem awkward. In your mind you will just be debating what to say. “should I say HI” , “HELLO” “HEY YO”. But no matter what none will look appropriate to me or sound appealing. So….

What ‘s up (another introduction that just came to mind). I hope everyone is doing fine. So, I posted two weeks ago that I wanted to be more consistent but, I didn’t even follow the time plan I gave myself, then I started thinking and I found out that it is lack of self discipline that is worrying me. To be disciplined you have to knowingly make decisions and not your decisions making you and then I questioned my lifestyle and I noticed that I was pushing myself into things I wasn’t prepared for so then Intentional living came to mind.

IMG_2272[1].PNG                simply put;intentional living is living a mindful and thoughtful lifestyle. To live intentionally is to knowingly make decisions and plan for them usually based on principles, beliefs and values.

Why am I choosing it?

I don’t plan well for things. I don’t even plan at all most times and then I start regretting. another reason for choosing Intentional living is because when I fail at dong things I want to be able to set my self to look back at the steps I’ve taken and make corrections .

My major Inspiration

My major inspiration to live intentionally is my dad; He tends to make smart decisions and plan well for everything and He makes His decisions based on His beliefs, values and principles.

I can’t put up benefits now but after like say a month or two of living intentionally, I’ll give feedback on how I’m going by it and how it is helping me.