Redefining My Blog.

Hello to every reader: thanks for checking out my page and reading; I really appreciate it.

I went back to some of my old posts and saw how disengaging they were and how I wasn’t sticking to a “Niche”. I even got bored when I was reading some of the posts, because they weren’t written in order and they were not the things I was passionate about. So; today I’ll be giving real meaning or should I say new meaning to my blog and I’ll be giving new meaning to the blog.


I decided to look at why I decided to create the blog: To express myself

why I chose the name “Peace Writes; What?  It’s actually like a conversation between two people. the first person goes like: yo; peace writes. and the other person replies: what?

Like that’s what was going on in my head and that is what is still in my head.

What you’ll be seeing now:

Intentional living: how I  to start living by results and not by circumstance (I’m also trying it out).

Beauty and hair care.

How to style clothing and accessories

and some extra gist about what is going on in my life.

I hope I become more engaging and consistent and write what you’ll love to read.