What Is My Purpose In Life?

Have you ever asked yourself  what your purpose is in life? Like asked yourself “what is the reason for my existence?” “why was I even born?” well I have asked my self these questions and i’m on a journey of finding and fulfilling purpose.

Basically if you are so interested in finding your purpose in life then you must have faced one or more of these things (signs that you are not flowing in purpose)

1)Frustration: you just get totally angry and distressed and unable to succeed at a lot of things.

2)Wayward life: you will be living a wayward life. Getting yourself into things you are not supposed to get into, failing the principles you have set for yourself in life.

3)Lack of inward Peace,Joy and Satisfaction: you always get the feeling that others or some particular people are better than you and you always try to be like them and this leaves you confused, unhappy and without peace of mind.

4)Lack of direction: your life is dictated by people not you choosing who controls your life. You do things based on how others think not how well or how appropriate you think it is.

So finally how do we live purposeful lives?

1 Pray and search the Bible for the places that talk about purpose.

2. Check for your passion not what people want you to do; what you want to do.

3. Relate your passion with purpose : for some passion and purpose go together for them but; others just have it separated but; make sure your passion doesn’t separate you from God’s Purpose.

4. Always put God first and involve Him in all that you do.


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